Private Jet Empty Leg Challenger 300

Challenger 300

9 Seats

Date: 21- 24 November

Route: Stockholm London Price EURO 9,500.00

Route: Stockholm Paris Price EURO 11,500.00

Route: Stockholm Amsterdam Price EURO 10,800.00

Erbil Flights

We arrange with fights to all corners of the world of course but some might seam trickier than other ones. Permits last minute can be difficult but never impossible, the main thing here is to collect all data the authorities need before issuing the permit , this information could be details such as full passport details, route, details of the aircraft and receiving party details. With the right connection in a country almost anything can be done. We have recently completed a couple of flights to Erbil Iraq within 40 hours of confirmation the aircraft where on the way to iraq from Europe without any delays. The handling agent in iraq was very good and efficient , catering facilities are very good at the cities 5 stars hotels and the whole flight was very smooth and easy for both crew and passengers. We hope to do a lot more work in Erbil during 2017