Harrods Jets

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Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has joined forces with famed London retailer Harrods to open a pop-up shop for private jets.

Dickinson is chairman of an aircraft dealership from which the pop-up will be funded upon opening later this month.

The pop-up will sell special-edition Harrods jets and is reported to be looking towards the least expensive end of the market with Eclipse 550 jets by One Aviation that retail for £2.2 million (approximately $3.4 million).

At their priciest, private jets such as a Gulfstream G650 can cost up to £41 million (approximately $64 million).


Airborne Global6000 Business Jet Sand Aviation

Business Jet sales taking off

After years of global financial turmoil, last year business jet sales again increased thrust and took off to reach new record heights. In 2014 the total airplane billing amounted to just over USD 22 billion and 722 business jets where delivered to customers across the globe.

Bombardier Business Aircraft at the top
Canadian Bombardier Business Aircraft was the business jet manufacturer who sold the most airplanes with their ultra long-range Global 6000 and Express shipping 80 of Bombardier’s 204 delivered business aircraft.

Textron and Gulfstream runners up
The versatile light jet Citation M2 for shorter trips with seven passengers helped Textron / Cessna Aircraft hold the spot as the second largest supplier of business jets in the world and General Dynamics-owned Gulfstream Aerospace who once produced the world’s first purpose built business aircraft was the third largest business jet manufacturer in 2014.

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Business jet shipments in 2014

Bombardier Business Aircraft, 204 jets delivered
Global 6000 and Global Express, 80 jets delivered
Challenger 300 and 350, 54 jets delivered
Challenger 604 and 605, 36 jets delivered
Learjet 70 and 75, 33 jets delivered
Learjet 60 and XR, 1 jet delivered

Textron Aviation / Cessna Aircraft, 159 jets delivered
CE-525 Citation M2, 46 jets delivered
CE-525C Citation CJ4, 28 jets delivered
CE-680 Citation Sovereign+, 28 jets delivered
CE-525 Citation CJ3+, 10 jets delivered
CE-750 Citation X+, 9 jets delivered
CE-510 Citation Mustang, 8 jets delivered
CE-525B Citation CJ3, 6 jets delivered
CE-525A Citation CJ2+, 2 jets delivered

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, 150 jets delivered
G300, G350, G400, G450, G500, G550 and G650, 117 jets delivered
G100, G150 and G200, 33 jets delivered

Embraer 116 jets delivered
Phenom 300, 73 jets delivered
Phenom 100, 19 jets delivered
Legacy 600 and 650, 18 jets delivered

Dassault Falcon Jet, 66 jets delivered
Falcon 7X, 27 jets delivered
Falcon 2000LXS, 18 jets delivered
Falcon 2000S, 13 jets delivered
Falcon 900LX, 8 jets delivered

Eclipse Aerospace Inc. 12 jets delivered
Eclipse 550, 12 jets delivered

Boeing Business Jets, 10 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet 787, 4 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet, 3 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet 2, 2 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet 777, 1 jet delivered

Airbus, 5 jets delivered
ACJ320, 4 jets delivered
ACJ319, 1 jet delivered

Source: General Aviation Manufacturers Association