Swedish Charter and Jets for Sale

Its been a few busy weeks here at Sand Aviation. We started off with long hours at MTS Aviation Handling at Malmo Airport. We are setting up a partnership with them, read more here: http://www.handbook.aero/hb_news_story.html?release=32532, we are very excited about this venture.

Other than that I just completed my third ever full Swedish charter ( a bit strange as I live here, but my main focus for the last few years has been the Middle East and Asia), so it was good to get this new client on-board. The operator I used was amazing, nothing was a problem, I really hope to work more with them in the future. I find that European operators are normally better priced than Swedish ones for some reason, but not this time:).

The other news is that we got 4 Hawker aircraft on our books and they are priced to sell!!! I am also about to get my hands on a  Challenger 605 from 2012 , hopefully I get all info before next week starts.

Happy Landings wherever you are.

G650 Gulfstream

Gulfstream G650, fastest airborne office with the longest range

The ultra luxurious G650 business jet was launched by Gulfstream 2012 and highly anticipated. The aircraft hit the sweetspot, balancing speed and distance with luxury and price with such accuracy that Bloomberg called the G650 “Gulfstream’s holy grail of private jets”.

More light and less noise
The cabin is more spacious and comfortable than you will find in any other business jet featuring a longer living area, seats with more space and recline, larger galleys and more storage. The cabin provides a silent environment for natural conversations and business meetings and the aircrafts 16 cabin windows ensures an inflow of natural light.

Approaching the speed of sound
It is, however, its performance that has impressed the most as the new Rolls Royce engine powers the jet close to the speed of sound. Fuel burn levels are comparable to smaller aircrafts so the range has been increased whereas noise and emissions have been reduced. The pilots are equipped with state of the art technology systems providing enhanced vision for awareness and safety. And as it weighs less than 100,000 punds which is the cutoff weight for some important airports.

Price: 70 million USD
Range: 7,000 NM (13,000 km)
Top Speed: 0.925 Mach (980 km/h)
Capacity: 18 passengers, sleeps up to 10
Cruise Altitude: 51,000 feet

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