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    Bespoke jet for your individual requirements. Selected from a global selection of executive aircrafts across the world.

The right choice. Every time.

Executive Jets by Sand Aviation

As we are not an aircraft operator, our only objective is to find the aircraft that suits your specific requirements from thousands of available across the world.  One phone call puts every aircraft type at your fingertips, we are here for you 24/7. We will research the market for you to give you the very best options of jets for the best prices. We will arrange the charter and make sure it’s catered to all your needs, from VIP catering and preferred handling agent to ground transportation if needed, or any other requirements you might have.

Given the number of aircraft and aircraft operators to choose from, deciding which aircraft to use can be a confusing and difficult. There are so many factors to consider aside from the price. Making the wrong choice can be expensive. We are here to help you through that decision, so you make the right choice every time. Our goal is to make sure that you are satisfied every time you fly. If you fly a lot we have a special program you can join, contact us for more information.

Empty Leg Flights.

Smart Value by Sand Aviation

An empty leg flight becomes available when a private jet is flying empty to reposition for a charter flight or return after a one way flight.

Empty leg flights cost less than a conventional private jet charter but they come with a limited flexibility and an itinerary with a fixed departure airport, arrival airport and flight schedule. They are one way flights.

We feature some of the most popular private jet empty leg routes available for air charter here. To stay updated with the best and latest empty leg flights available, follow @sandaviation on Twitter.