Erbil Flights

We arrange with fights to all corners of the world of course but some might seam trickier than other ones. Permits last minute can be difficult but never impossible, the main thing here is to collect all data the authorities need before issuing the permit , this information could be details such as full passport details, route, details of the aircraft and receiving party details. With the right connection in a country almost anything can be done. We have recently completed a couple of flights to Erbil Iraq within 40 hours of confirmation the aircraft where on the way to iraq from Europe without any delays. The handling agent in iraq was very good and efficient , catering facilities are very good at the cities 5 stars hotels and the whole flight was very smooth and easy for both crew and passengers. We hope to do a lot more work in Erbil during 2017

Focus on Operators

Sand Aviation only works with the very best operators worldwide with amazing safety records, no Mather if it’s a small or large operator, they must be 110% safe with all certificates and safety records in place.

To organize a perfect charter flight many boxes have to tick. We are available 24/7/ 365 to take any new charter flight enquiries from clients worldwide It could be a flight for some loved pet, important documents to be flown in by crew or private families, companies flying to locations around the world for business or pleasure. We make sure we find you the right aircraft for each flight each time, fuel stop and more cost effective or nonstop? Bedroom? Boardroom? Special interior features in the bathroom, whatever it is we will find best to find the best options for you to choose from. The catering could be Beluga Caviar, Champagne, lobster, Wagyu steaks or just some VIP sandwiches. No wish is too small or big for us.

We always advise the operator to be at least 1H30M before flight at your location, this is to avoid waiting time for fuel trucks, air traffic delays catering delays, loading of luggage

All operators we use provide the very best VIP catering, never ever tries to fit in as many flights as possible in one day.

We always keep the clients and drivers, bodyguards updated with departure and arrival times always, even the positioning flights to make the whole journey as smooth as possible

After the flight, has taken place we always ask the crew for feedback to make sure the client was totally happy. This is of course our main focus to always keep the client safe and happy.

Call us next time you need a charter flight.