Erbil Flights

We arrange with fights to all corners of the world of course but some might seam trickier than other ones. Permits last minute can be difficult but never impossible, the main thing here is to collect all data the authorities need before issuing the permit , this information could be details such as full passport details, route, details of the aircraft and receiving party details. With the right connection in a country almost anything can be done. We have recently completed a couple of flights to Erbil Iraq within 40 hours of confirmation the aircraft where on the way to iraq from Europe without any delays. The handling agent in iraq was very good and efficient , catering facilities are very good at the cities 5 stars hotels and the whole flight was very smooth and easy for both crew and passengers. We hope to do a lot more work in Erbil during 2017

Focus on Operators

Sand Aviation only works with the very best operators worldwide with amazing safety records, no Mather if it’s a small or large operator, they must be 110% safe with all certificates and safety records in place.

To organize a perfect charter flight many boxes have to tick. We are available 24/7/ 365 to take any new charter flight enquiries from clients worldwide It could be a flight for some loved pet, important documents to be flown in by crew or private families, companies flying to locations around the world for business or pleasure. We make sure we find you the right aircraft for each flight each time, fuel stop and more cost effective or nonstop? Bedroom? Boardroom? Special interior features in the bathroom, whatever it is we will find best to find the best options for you to choose from. The catering could be Beluga Caviar, Champagne, lobster, Wagyu steaks or just some VIP sandwiches. No wish is too small or big for us.

We always advise the operator to be at least 1H30M before flight at your location, this is to avoid waiting time for fuel trucks, air traffic delays catering delays, loading of luggage

All operators we use provide the very best VIP catering, never ever tries to fit in as many flights as possible in one day.

We always keep the clients and drivers, bodyguards updated with departure and arrival times always, even the positioning flights to make the whole journey as smooth as possible

After the flight, has taken place we always ask the crew for feedback to make sure the client was totally happy. This is of course our main focus to always keep the client safe and happy.

Call us next time you need a charter flight.

Swedish Charter and Jets for Sale

Its been a few busy weeks here at Sand Aviation. We started off with long hours at MTS Aviation Handling at Malmo Airport. We are setting up a partnership with them, read more here:, we are very excited about this venture.

Other than that I just completed my third ever full Swedish charter ( a bit strange as I live here, but my main focus for the last few years has been the Middle East and Asia), so it was good to get this new client on-board. The operator I used was amazing, nothing was a problem, I really hope to work more with them in the future. I find that European operators are normally better priced than Swedish ones for some reason, but not this time:).

The other news is that we got 4 Hawker aircraft on our books and they are priced to sell!!! I am also about to get my hands on a  Challenger 605 from 2012 , hopefully I get all info before next week starts.

Happy Landings wherever you are.

We Fly Horses

Are you moving overseas, and do you want to take your horse with you?  Are you a horse racing pro, participating in a far away competition? Or you might be a breeder looking to export horses globally? Sand Aviation ships your horses to every corner of the globe – stress free and safely



Harrods Jets

I just came across this one and I will definitely make sure I pop by!

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has joined forces with famed London retailer Harrods to open a pop-up shop for private jets.

Dickinson is chairman of an aircraft dealership from which the pop-up will be funded upon opening later this month.

The pop-up will sell special-edition Harrods jets and is reported to be looking towards the least expensive end of the market with Eclipse 550 jets by One Aviation that retail for £2.2 million (approximately $3.4 million).

At their priciest, private jets such as a Gulfstream G650 can cost up to £41 million (approximately $64 million).


Mediterranean by Jet

Mediterranean by private jet – take off to the hottest summer destinations

Are you cruising the Mediterranean this summer? Maybe from Mikonos, Olbia or St. Tropez. Let us take you to your preferred destination in style, by private jet.

We have access to a variety of aircraft and can even go to small airports like La Mole, St. Tropez or Toulon by light private jets such as Embraer Phenom, Hawker 850, Cessna Citation or Bombardier Learjet. You can reach many destinations within Europe in a 2-3 hours flight.

Alternatively you might end up using a larger jet in to Nice or Cannes, such as Boeing Business Jet or Bombardier Challenger. If that is the case, we can arrange a helicopter transfer from the steps of your private jet to the doorstep of your destination. We have 24/7 helicopter crews on standby for you this summer.

Besides from our air and jet service we also provide you with yachts to competitive prices. Anything from a month long charter down to a 24 hour cruise. We can give you very competitive quotes on yachts like Benetti, Sunseeker and many more.

Contact Sand Aviation air charter team for further information and booking of private jet flights, helicopters, yachts or any other luxury charter at +44 (0)20 3608 2600. Follow us on Twitter @sandaviation to keep informed on the latest news from Sand Aviation.


Airborne Global6000 Business Jet Sand Aviation

Business Jet sales taking off

After years of global financial turmoil, last year business jet sales again increased thrust and took off to reach new record heights. In 2014 the total airplane billing amounted to just over USD 22 billion and 722 business jets where delivered to customers across the globe.

Bombardier Business Aircraft at the top
Canadian Bombardier Business Aircraft was the business jet manufacturer who sold the most airplanes with their ultra long-range Global 6000 and Express shipping 80 of Bombardier’s 204 delivered business aircraft.

Textron and Gulfstream runners up
The versatile light jet Citation M2 for shorter trips with seven passengers helped Textron / Cessna Aircraft hold the spot as the second largest supplier of business jets in the world and General Dynamics-owned Gulfstream Aerospace who once produced the world’s first purpose built business aircraft was the third largest business jet manufacturer in 2014.

Let Sand Aviation find your next Business Jet
Sand Aviation finds the Private Jet for you to hire from thousands of private planes available for hire or charter across the world. As we are not an aircraft operator, our only objective is to find the private plane that suits your specific requirements from thousands of available across the world. One phone call puts every aircraft type at your fingertips, we are here for you 24/7. We will research the market for you to give you the very best options of jets for the best prices. We will arrange the charter and make sure it’s catered to all your needs, from VIP catering and preferred handling agent to ground transportation if needed, or any other requirements you might have.

Business jet shipments in 2014

Bombardier Business Aircraft, 204 jets delivered
Global 6000 and Global Express, 80 jets delivered
Challenger 300 and 350, 54 jets delivered
Challenger 604 and 605, 36 jets delivered
Learjet 70 and 75, 33 jets delivered
Learjet 60 and XR, 1 jet delivered

Textron Aviation / Cessna Aircraft, 159 jets delivered
CE-525 Citation M2, 46 jets delivered
CE-525C Citation CJ4, 28 jets delivered
CE-680 Citation Sovereign+, 28 jets delivered
CE-525 Citation CJ3+, 10 jets delivered
CE-750 Citation X+, 9 jets delivered
CE-510 Citation Mustang, 8 jets delivered
CE-525B Citation CJ3, 6 jets delivered
CE-525A Citation CJ2+, 2 jets delivered

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, 150 jets delivered
G300, G350, G400, G450, G500, G550 and G650, 117 jets delivered
G100, G150 and G200, 33 jets delivered

Embraer 116 jets delivered
Phenom 300, 73 jets delivered
Phenom 100, 19 jets delivered
Legacy 600 and 650, 18 jets delivered

Dassault Falcon Jet, 66 jets delivered
Falcon 7X, 27 jets delivered
Falcon 2000LXS, 18 jets delivered
Falcon 2000S, 13 jets delivered
Falcon 900LX, 8 jets delivered

Eclipse Aerospace Inc. 12 jets delivered
Eclipse 550, 12 jets delivered

Boeing Business Jets, 10 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet 787, 4 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet, 3 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet 2, 2 jets delivered
Boeing Business Jet 777, 1 jet delivered

Airbus, 5 jets delivered
ACJ320, 4 jets delivered
ACJ319, 1 jet delivered

Source: General Aviation Manufacturers Association

G650 Gulfstream

Gulfstream G650, fastest airborne office with the longest range

The ultra luxurious G650 business jet was launched by Gulfstream 2012 and highly anticipated. The aircraft hit the sweetspot, balancing speed and distance with luxury and price with such accuracy that Bloomberg called the G650 “Gulfstream’s holy grail of private jets”.

More light and less noise
The cabin is more spacious and comfortable than you will find in any other business jet featuring a longer living area, seats with more space and recline, larger galleys and more storage. The cabin provides a silent environment for natural conversations and business meetings and the aircrafts 16 cabin windows ensures an inflow of natural light.

Approaching the speed of sound
It is, however, its performance that has impressed the most as the new Rolls Royce engine powers the jet close to the speed of sound. Fuel burn levels are comparable to smaller aircrafts so the range has been increased whereas noise and emissions have been reduced. The pilots are equipped with state of the art technology systems providing enhanced vision for awareness and safety. And as it weighs less than 100,000 punds which is the cutoff weight for some important airports.

Price: 70 million USD
Range: 7,000 NM (13,000 km)
Top Speed: 0.925 Mach (980 km/h)
Capacity: 18 passengers, sleeps up to 10
Cruise Altitude: 51,000 feet

Paradise beach in the Maldives

Maldives by private jet, unrivalled island luxury

Boosting with unrivalled luxury resorts, stunning white sand beaches and an amazing underwater world, the Maldives has become the premiere choice for the holiday traveller. Believed to be slowly reclaimed by the ocean because of global warming, we went there a few weeks ago to experience the scenic low-lying paradise first hand.

Tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean
The small country, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is spread over 1,200 islands which are all embedded in miles of bright white coral sand, strewn with green palm trees and surrounded by pristine blue waters.

With hundreds of resorts to choose from you will find that most every exclusive hotel brand has created their own tropical paradise resort with five or six stars. Or you can choose the extreme luxury of a remote private island for the utmost privacy and tranquillity.

Easy access by private jet
You easily access the Maldives by private jet through its capital airport Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, formerly Hulhulé, in Male (MLE VRMM) in the north Male Atoll, Gan International (GAN VRMG) in the Addu Atoll, Hanimaadhoo (HAQ VRMH) in the Haa Dhahlu Atoll or Villa International (VAM VRMV) in the Alif Dhaal Atoll. Besides from the international airports the Maldives also has several domestic airports to choose from.

Connect to your destination by speed boat, sea plane or by helicopter. Sand Aviation assists you with any travel arrangements, door to door, for your summer vacation. Contact us for information or enquiries.

External video with cockpit view of a jet landing at MLE

Arabian Travel Market ATM 2015 by Sand Aviation

Meet us at ATM 2015 in Dubai

I am so excited to announce that we are going to the Arabian Travel Market ATM 2015 in Dubai in May.

This is really good news for me as it gives us an opportunity to meet with suppliers from the whole Middle Eastern region under one roof, it will be a few hectic but fun days.

This week will be all about setting up meetings both at the show, and also with UAE based clients in their offices. Another good thing with this is that I also get a few rays of sun while working.

Happy Sunday to y’all